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Executive Chef and owner, Fernando Sposato, brings his love of cooking and the essence of Argentina together at Fugazzeta. Chef Fernando was born in Buenos Aires and spent his childhood indulging in the authentic flavors of Argentina. It was here that his love of cuisine and kitchen began. After moving to the U.S. in the mid 1980s, Chef Fernando began his culinary career in classic Italian kitchens in New Jersey, where he honed his skills. He graduated from culinary school then studied abroad in Tuscany, Italy, learning to make flavorful food from the freshest ingredients.


For the past 25 years, Chef Fernando has been at the helm of successful Las Vegas kitchens, from the famed Las Vegas Strip to some of the locals’ favorites. Fugazzeta is his first owned and operated venture, which brings his Argentine heritage to life through genuine recipes straight from the heart of Argentina.

Our Story

Fugazzeta is a family run restaurant west of the Las Vegas Strip.  Our owners have worked in hospitality for several decades and are bringing their heritage, experience, travels and love of food together for this authentic dining experience.  

Our two Argentine Dogos, Cheto & Chuka

What is Argentinian Pizza?

Traditional Argentinian pizza dough is based off of Italian style of focaccia. This style is called “fugazza” in Buenos Aires. The dough is made with more yeast than most other types of pizza dough and has a light, airy flavor. We offer our pizzas in two different styles, hand-tossed or pan crust.

Argentinians love lots of cheese on their pizza, and at Fugazzeta we are no different. Most pizzas are very light on tomato sauce, heavy on cheese, and covered with delicious toppings. Argentinian specialty pizzas frequently have toppings that cover all the cheese on the pizza, creating a delicious, gooey burst of flavor in every bite. All specialty pizzas are topped with a sprinkle of oregano and a whole green olive on each slice. The Argentinian way.

The Fugazzeta, our signature, is made with layers of melted mozzarella infused with delectable sautéed onions. This one is made without tomato sauce so that the cheese and flavor of the onions truly come through. Yum!

The Empanadas

Empanadas are a staple in Argentina. They are pockets of fresh dough filled with unique flavor combinations such as meat, cheese, veggies or a mixture of everything. The dough that we use is a light, flaky pastry-style dough made fresh daily. All of our empanadas can be baked or fried, the choice is yours. All are served with a side of housemade Chimichurri which is an oil based dipping sauce created with a mix of fresh herbs and spices.

Primavera Pizza
Fried Empanadas
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